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Maneater is John Wick if Keanu Reeves had gotten whacked and his dog had to embark on a bloody campaign of retribution instead. You play as an ever-evolving bull shark pup with an axe to grind against a local celebrity… (Read more)

NHL 20 CODEX Crack Download Full Game Torrent

NHL 20 introduces cutting-edge gameplay innovation to showcase your skills, more customization to unlock your style, and new modes to compete with friends. RPM Tech-powered gameplay introduces Signature Shots that replicate your favorite NHL players’ real-world shot styles. Over 45… (Read more)


Players can create their levels in the game by using either custom or pre-built objects. Players can share their completed dreams online. Cooperative multiplayer is featured in the game, allowing players to create and manipulate their custom dreams together. Find… (Read more)


Everwild is an all-new property for Rare, but the developer didn’t reveal much in the way of details about its next project. A debut trailer for the game, which you can watch above, showed a colorful and magical world inhabited… (Read more)

Baldur’s Gate 3-CODEX

Baldur’s Gate III is a role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios for Microsoft Windows and the Stadia streaming service. It is the third main game in the Baldur’s Gate series, itself based on the Dungeons & Dragons… (Read more)

Last Oasis-CODEX

After a cataclysmic event halted the Earth’s rotation, the planet was split into two extreme and deadly environments. Only a narrow region between the burning and freezing halves of the planet can support life. This region moves as the planet… (Read more)